Louie and Friends is a series of children's storybooks that are meant to educate children, of the ages of 6-7, about the unethical welfare of exotic animals in the illegal exotic pet trade. With the spread of viral videos containing exotic pets on social media, there is a possibility of the idea of normalizing owning exotic pets to children. The book series features three stories: “Louie’s New Home,” which follows Louie the slow loris; “Oscar’s Adventure,” which introduces Oscar the Asian small-clawed otter; and “Pete’s Happy Day,” which presents Pete the African grey parrot. The goal for this book series is for children to sympathize with the characters and think twice when they see a wild animal as a pet.
Example of my character design process. 
A story about Louie the slow loris running into trouble in his new home.
A story about Pete the African grey parrot revisiting his old life. 
A story about Oscar the Asian small-clawed otter looking for a snack.
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